Custom 5K/10K Race Shirts

Custom 5K/10K and Fun Run Race Shirts

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Design your own 5K race shirts or we'll design it for you! 

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We have 3 ways to order your Custom 5K Run Shirts

Custom 5K/10K Run T-Shirts
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We have 3 ways to order your Custom 5K Run Shirts

Design Your Own Race Shirts

Easily create your own 5K t-shirt design in the Design Studio. Use any of the 1000's of clipart images and 100's of fonts!

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Choose a 5K/10K T-shirt Design

Use one of the professionally designed 5K Race Shirts. Replace the text with your event name and dates. It's just that easy!

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Custom 5K Run T-shirt Designs

Give us your idea and we'll create a custom race t-shirt design for you.

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Most Popular Shirt Choices for 5K-10K Run/Walk

There's a few things to consider when choosing the shirt type for your race or fun run. Most importantly you'll want to choose a light weight shirt. Lighter weight shirts are much more comfortable to wear and they provide breathability. There are several options to choose from. You certainly do not want a cheap race shirt. Think about how long you've had those 5K shirts and how many times you've worn them. A race t-shirts should last for years. The print and the shirt itself will hold up for many years when printed properly. You want people participating in your 5K, 10K or Fun Run year after year. Make the right choose. Top Dog Tees!

Customizable 5K-10K Run/Walk & Fun Run T Shirt Designs

Do you need your shirts in a hurry? No time to wait on a custom t-shirt design? We've got you covered. Our professional Walk/Run t-shirt design templates are fully customizable. Just pick the one you like best then edit it in the Design Studio. It's super simple! 

  • 5K Run/Walk T-Shirt Design 01 Thumbnail
  • Top Dog 5K Design 01 Thumbnail
  • 5K Tracks Across The City Thumbnail
  • 5K Mud Run Design 01 Thumbnail
  • River Run T-Shirt 01 Thumbnail
  • 5K Fun Run T-Shirt Design-01 Thumbnail

Custom Designed 5K-10K & Fun Run Shirts

Custom 5K Warrior Walk & Run T-Shirt Design

Like This Design?

Reference 5K Warriors
Custom Fun Run T-Shirt Design DSES

Like This Design?

Reference DSES Fun Run
Custom 5K Race Superman Shirt

Like This Design?

Reference Bear Run 3K
Custom 5K Bear Run Shirt Design

Like This Design?

Reference 25th Bear Run
DSES Fun Run 5K-10K T-Shirt Designs

Like This Design?

Reference DS 3rd Fun Run
5K Sunrise Race T-Shirts

Like This Design?

Reference Sun Rise 5K

5K, 10K or Fun Run races are held for many reasons. Charity Run, Fun Runs, Health Runs and Awareness Runs are just a few, We can help you design a shirt for your run. You give us your idea so we have a starting point and we'll design your shirts to meet your specifications. We love designing race shirts! 

Race Sponsorship

We'll sponsor your 5K, 10K or Fun Run. There are different levels of sponsorship that we provide. This will depend on the number of shirts within your order. We take the sponsorship amount off the total cost of your shirts. You can always count on Top Dog Tees for your sponsorship.

It's the Top Dog Advantage!

50-100 shirts - $75.00

101-250 shirts - $150.00

251-500 shirts - $250.00

500 shirts or more $500.00

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